Skimguard Traveller Twin Pack

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Skim Guard Traveller.

Twin Pack (2x cards).

Skim Guard Traveller brings the same powerful E-Field technology of our flagship Skim Guard Active range but with a new aesthetic and without the LED's. Skim Guard Traveller will protect your NFC enabled cards by preventing the RFID signals that ping your cards NFC chips to supply your details from ever receiving the request and thus no information is ever sent.

Simply add Skim Guard Traveller to your wallet or purse, within close proximity to your NFC enabled cards. Skim Guard Traveller produces a 9cm E-Field allowing a single Skim Guard Traveller to protect multiple cards at once. As long as your cards NFC chips are within the safety of Skim Guard Travellers E-Field, your NFC Credit and Debit cards are safe from external intrusion.

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