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Skim Guard KEY GUARD.

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The next evolution of Skim Guard.

Signal theft... it is a not a crime many of consider but it is real, it is on the rise and it is time to get protected with Skim Guard Key Guard.

When you do activate your fob, you are essentially using a tiny radio station. The fob is always broadcasting even when it’s safely locked in your house. That means thieves can steal your car without physically accessing the fob.

To unlock their vehicle, all car or motorcycle owners have to do is carry the key fob. As they approach their vehicle, the vehicle recognises the wireless signals emitted by the key fob. The central locking system unlocks the doors as soon as you touch the door handle (or press a button in the handle). In the case of motorcycles, the handlebar lock is unlocked. The key need not be inserted in the ignition to start the engine: you simply press the start button. To steal a keyless vehicle, thieves need not perform a data hack or crack encryption programmes. A simple wireless extender, similar to the CB radio amplifier used in the past, is all it takes. A stolen car keeps running – even without the key fob – until it runs out of fuel (or is refuelled) or until the thief stalls or turns off the engine. Usually, the stolen vehicles are taken abroad right after the theft where they get new key fobs which ensure normal unlocking and starting.

Skim Guard KEY GUARD delivers real protection: Blocking signals from car key and garage door fobs, thus preventing skimmers from accessing the fob's signal.

How to use: Simply put your fob devices in the Skim Guard KEY GUARD pouch and that is it. Whilst within the pouch the fobs signals are not detectable or interact-able by external devices.

The next preventative measure by Skim Guard - KEY GUARD.