Family Security Special (Magenta)
Family Security Special (Magenta)

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RFID Protection in bulk!
4 cards, 2 Passport Sleeves.

Skim Guard 3.0 cards for your wallet and Passport sleeves for your passports.

  • 4 x Skimguard Active 3.0 cards (Blue or Magenta)
  • 2 x¬†Skimguard Passport Sleeves

Our Talking Lifestyle Offer has now been updated with the latest Skim Guard Active 3.0 Skim Guard cards - featuring Ghost Chip Technology. Ideal for keeping your credit cards and other NFC cards safe from external intrusion.

The same technology has been built into the lining of the Passport Sleeves, allowing you to keep your passport safe whenever it is in the Passport Sleeve.

Protect your cards, protect your passport and keep your personal details out of the hands of scammers.