Data Protection Special (Blue)!
Data Protection Special (Blue)!

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Data Protection Special!

Skim Guard - Keeping your data safe.

  • Skim Guard 3.0 cards (x4)
  • Skim Guard Redactor Pen (2pk)

This fantastic offer is designed to help keep your data safe this Xmas. Skim Guard 3.0 is our best selling anti-skimming device, featuring our 9cm eField, Ghost Chip technology, 3 strip LED and built with the same solid construction as its predecessor, Skim Guard 3.0 protects your NFC data from being skimmed. 

The Skim Guard Redactor pen is the perfect solution for keeping your sensitive and personal information out of the hands of criminals. The Skim Guard Redactor pen uses a thick oil based ink, meaning that the underlying information being redacted can't be read when held up to the light. A simple and yet highly effective solution.

We are offering you 4x Skim Guard 3.0 cards as well as a Skim Guard Redactor pen 2pk to keep your data safe, both digitally and physically. A great offer to be sure, don't miss out on your chance to pick up these 2 great items at a reduced price today!