Anti-Radiation Special!

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Cool Case 2.0 + Anti-Radiation Earbuds.

The perfect anti-radiation pairing.

Cool Case 2.0

What Does Skim Guard Cool Case Do?

The Cool case is multi-functional. It neutralises mobile phone radiation, reducing your risk of adverse health. It also protects smartphones embedded with bank and credit card information, passwords and other sensitive information from being RFID hacked or skimmed. And of course, it’s a stylish, protective case from those accidental drops and bumps.

How does Cool Case Work?

Cool Case is embedded with 2 layers of protective technology. The cover is embedded with a SARS certified anti-radiation membrane. Also embedded is Skim Guards patented RFID protection. The membrane knocks out radiation, the Skim Guard technology blocks hackers and skimmers from stealing your information.



Anti-radiation Earbuds

The Skim Guard Anti-Radiation Earbuds reduces EMF & RF frequencies from being transmitted through the wiring and into your ear and head. Lab testing shows an SAR level (radiation absorption measure) of zero.

The Active headset gives you the perfect fit. Each headset comes with small, medium and large earbuds, as well as sized earbud rings. No matter what you're doing, this headset will stay in place, comfortably. When they're not in your ear, they clip magnetically around your neck so you're hands free all the time.

Not only is this headset safe to use, you get great sound quality. The air-filled tube increases airspace to give more body and a fuller, more resonant sound. The noise isolating earbuds keep out background noise, too.

  • 99.99% radiation reduction
  • Fantastic sound quality
  • Built in microphone with on off switch