Skimguard A-Lock 2pk

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Skimguard A-Lock guards and protects against cyber intrusion on the 125 KHZ frequency (Security access cards) bandwidth. 


Key cards

A key card is a security card that grants access through electronically powered entry doors. They are embedded with a microchip loaded with a unique code granting physical entry. They act as a wireless remote control access device into apartments, offices and 24-hour service businesses like gymnasiums.


The risk

Anyone using a key card to gain building access may be exposed to the very real threat of serious security breaches, both to building occupiers and confidential data theft. They are a vulnerable target to RFID cyber theft. Once skimmed, cards are quickly cloned granting unlawful access to any breached premises. Any personal identifying data stored on the key card can also be stolen, becoming a steppingstone to synthetic identity fraud. Skimmers literally tap into your business network in seconds. Its instant, its silent and its unstoppable…till now.


How Does a lock work?

A Lock is the world’s first designated electronic RFID key card cyber shield. Building access key cards sit on the 125 KHZ RFID bandwidth. Skimguards patented E-Field technology is built into A-Lock. It creates an impregnable electronic jamming barrier surrounding the key card preventing skimmers from cloning them. A Lock powers up into active mode drawing energy from the intruding skimmer. When the skimmer moves out of range A-Lock powers down to passive mode.


Where do I put It?

Place your access key card next to A Lock in your wallet, purse, or workplace lanyard for maximum protection. To gain building access remove key card and tap for entry.