RFID Wallet Brown

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RFID Pop-up Wallet.


This unique wallet incorporates 3 clever features:

  1. Pop up RFID protected credit card compartments (fits 4 cards)
  2. Easy fold Money pouch
  3. Tap & Go transit card compartment

    The wallet also includes a bi-fold section for holding cash.

    A unique feature of the wallet is its open ended sleeve on the wallets rear outer section. It is purpose built ‘non RFID’ protected, to store those transit cards allowing tap and go without removal from the wallet itself.

    Prevent the wireless theft of your credit card and identity details with the Skimguard RFID Wallet.

    Engineered with a strong metalic frame, inside a an ergonomic, wrap-around outer, the RFID Wallet is as functional as it is stylish. The wallet is designed and engineered to protect your credit card and identity details. As long as your cards are in the wallet, they’re safe. They’re also safe when partially exposed, allowing for card selection, without exposure to potential threats.

    The internal quick release card trigger - Advanced Synchronised Release Technology - partially exposes cards stored in the wallet, making card selection easy. The mechanism is ergonomicaly designed, and easy to use. The RFID Wallet stores up to four cards, and the storage mechanism also prevents cards demagnetising.

    Stylish, durable, practical and easy to use; the Skimguard RFID Wallet is the perfect way to guard against credit card and identity theft.