z.Cool Case Pink

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Cool Case v1.

Available in Pink.

All smartphones are vulnerable to hacking.

Today’s thieves easily hack smartphone stored credit card and bank account details, stored transactions, personal identity information, those private and family photos, data, passwords, emails, texts and even location detection.

Using sophisticated malware, hackers easily transmit malicious software into phones via their NFC chip. When next in a wifi zone the malware opens, commanding phone software to backup all stored details to a cloud...the hackers server in disguise.

Cool Case’s built-in anti hacking technology detects and blocks malicious malware from ingestion. Cool case also incorporates 3 x RFID anti skimming credit card sections, protecting card and personal identity details.


Worried about mobile radiation?

Cool Case’s infused anti-radiation membrane reduces radiation emitted whilst your mobile is simply turned on.

Ask yourself...

Do you ever experience a heat sensation during long calls? The heat is actually radiation. Whilst the jury is still out on the dangers of exposure to heat and mobile radiation, one only needs to think back when smoking was considered safe and asbestos was a premium building material. Prevention is always the best call.

Cool Cases unique design guarantees it will fit all smartphones, no matter what make or model.

When taking photos simply slide the phone upwards until the camera is exposed, take your shots and then return phone to its “protected” position.

Given the level of sophistication of today’s malware software available to thieves and the growing concerns about mobile radiation, Cool Case is a must have.