Skimguard Traveller
Skimguard Traveller

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Skim Guard Traveller.

The Skim Guard Traveller is a battery free, auto-engaging security device, engineered to protect your credit card and identity details from digital theft.

Devices known as skimmers wirelessly detect and hack unprotected credit cards, by utilising the same technology that facilitates Pay Pass and PayWave transactions. Once a skimmer locks onto an unprotected credit card, the details are duplicated and used for unsolicited purchases. The risk is serious, and on the rise - both in Australia and around the world.

Fortunately, guarding against these crimes is easy. By simply placing the Skim Guard Traveller in your wallet or purse - next to or between your credit cards - any attempt to steal your credit card details is immediately blocked. Skimguard Traveller protects instantly, battery-free, 24/7, anywhere in the world. The protective zone, created by E-Field technology is your guarantee of security.

Skimguard Traveller will protect as many as 15 credit and debit cards (battery free), and is covered by a five-year warranty.