Skim Guard Active 3.0 Twin Pack (Blue)

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Skim Guard Active 3.0 (2pk).

Twin Bundle. Available in blue & magenta.

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Although RFID and NFC technology and how we use it hasn't changed much over the years, the same can't be said for skimming devices. Skimmers have been getting smaller, more powerful, require less battery power, have new ways to boost the signal range and now instantaneously share your data via wireless connections. The cloning of Credit Cards is getting easier and so is the ability to capture that data. Skimmers and scammers will keep trying to get your details and we will keep finding better ways of protecting you.

Introducing Skim Guard Active 3.0

Featuring E-Field technology. Skim Guard Active 3.0 produces a powerful 9mm E-Field that stops intrusive RFID signals from accessing your Card or devices NFC chip and the data contained within.

Featuring Ghost Chip scrambling technology. Skim Guard Active 3.0 contains our latest development in technology - the Ghost chip. This chip will dump 200 fake credit card "numbers" into the skimmer - this can often stall out and crash smaller units or fill the larger ones with a bunch of nonsense numbers. Furthermore the numbers in the Ghost Chip are consistent for all cards - creating a network type defence -  once a user with Skim Guard Active 3.0 gets scanned and dumps the 200 numbers, other Skim Guard Active 3.0 users will be invisible to the skimmer since the machine will think it already has collected those numbers. Now you have a way to give some back to these shady skimmers.

Now with 3-strip LED. Skim Guard Active 3.0 features a 3x LED strip for better user feedback - alerting you when an intruding signal is detected. 

Same solid construction. Skim Guard Active 3.0 maintains the same solid construction as the original and is also covered by the same 5 year warranty.

Skim Guard Active 3.0 Tech

Available in Skim Guard Blue and Magenta.